Sungchul Jung completes Ph.D., with dissertation: Personalized Digital Body: Enhancing Body Ownership and Spatial Presence in Virtual Reality


A person’s sense of acceptance of a virtual body as his or her own is generally called virtual body ownership. Having such a mental model of one’s own body transferred to a virtual human surrogate is known to play a critical role in one’s sense of presence in a virtual environment. The focus of this dissertation is on top-down processing based on visually personalized body cues.

Congratulations to Sungchul for completing your Ph.D.

Sungchul will graduate from the University of Central Florida on May 3rd, 2018.

Dr. Welch awarded IEEE VGTC Virtual Reality Technical Achievement Award

We are pleased to let you know that Dr. Gregory Welch was selected by the IEEE Visualization and Graphics Technical Committee (VGTC) to receive the 2018 IEEE VGTC Virtual Reality Technical Achievement Award.

The brief award citation is:
“Gregory F. Welch in recognition for his contributions to human motion tracking and to mixed reality applications in medicine and training.”

This award was presented to Dr. Welch on March 21, 2018 during the recent 25th IEEE Virtual Reality Conference in Reutlingen, Germany. See

A more extensive award announcement and full citation will be included in an upcoming special VR 2018 issue of the journal IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG).

Salam Daher chosen as NCWIT 2018 Collegiate Finalist

Salam Daher was selected as a finalist for the NCWIT Collegiate Award. They had 147 total applicants from 91 two and four year institutions. They picked 60 in the 1st round in December, and then from those 60 they picked 18 finalists (6 winners and 12 honorable mentions) for the finalist round. Salam is one of those 18. The names of the 6 winners and the 12 honorable mentions will be announced at a later date. The awards ceremony will be held in Grapevine TX in May.

Congratulations Salam!

Sungchul Jung was awarded a “Dissertation Completion Fellowship” for Spring 2018.

The Graduate Dean’s Dissertation Completion Fellowship aims to increase dissertation completion among doctoral students. This award is intended for students in their final semester of graduate education who have a realistic expectation of degree completion in the Spring semester. The award will allow students to forgo their non-research related employment obligations to concentrate on completing their dissertation.

Each college nominates students based on their demonstrated ability to complete high quality dissertation research and the assurance that the awarding of the fellowship will allow the student(s) to complete their dissertation and graduate at the end of the term.

Congratulations to Sungchul Jung!