SREAL (pronounced Surreal) is a research lab at the University of Central Florida. The SREAL team consists of faculty researchers, affiliated faculty members, software developers, PhD students, artists (modelers/animators) , interactors (digital puppeteers mostly associated with the TeachLivE project), undergraduate research assistants and a network of campus and institute collaborators, both faculty members and students.

The laboratory is housed in the Central Florida Research Park’s Partnership III Building. The lab space consists of over 7,000 square feet of experimental and office space. Space is divided to include areas for human surrogate research; robotics research; development of mixed reality experiences; delivery of interactive training using digital avatar technology; and developing cultural heritage and STEM experiences.

SREAL is part of several larger UCF entities, most notably the Institute for Simulation & Training (IST), which houses it, and the Department of Computer Science, which is the home department of most of SREAL’s students.