Divine Maloney (2016 Summer Intern in the SREAL Lab at UCF) receives Microsoft Research Ada Lovelace Fellowship

Divine Maloney, ada lovelace winner

Divine Maloney


The Ada Lovelace Fellowship is a new fellowship for Microsoft Research, established to support diverse talent getting doctorates in computing-related fields by providing three years of funding for second-year PhD students from groups underrepresented in computing.

“My hope is that the Ada Lovelace Fellowship will inspire an abundance of unconventional problem solvers and thought leaders—those who don’t fit the mold but who are excited to address challenges in their respective communities and global society,” said Divine Maloney of Clemson University.

Maloney’s research seeks to understand the role of implicit biases in embodied virtual avatars and to establish guidelines to minimize unwanted biases in the design of avatars and other immersive virtual reality content.

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